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Scott Morgan Scott Morgan Follow Sep 01, 2019 · 1 min read
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MyCompanion: A Digital Social Companion for Assisted Living


In this work, we present the initial progressive build of a prototype system, dubbed MyCompanion. MyCompanion to improve assisted living, ultimately targeting alleviating social exclusion and loneliness. The system, based on a Raspberry Pi, connects to a user’s television set and tracks data from sensors placed around the house. An inbuilt artificial intelligence chat-bot then listens to, as well as instantiates, conversation with the user based on self-imposed triggers. Data from the sensors inform MyCompanion in real time user behaviour and records these readings. We also port MyCompanion software to an anthropomorphic version inside a humanoid robot for us to be able to give a physical dimension to the digital character.

Scott Morgan
Written by Scott Morgan Follow
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