Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan

Digital Lead at Bridgend College.
PhD in Mathematics.
Interested in education, coding and all things tech.
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New Resource - Python Programming

During this course, you will learn the basics of computer programming, along with algorithms and object-oriented programming through the Python programming language. The course includ...

In Digital, May 03, 2020

Digital Transformation at Bridgend College

I am Digital Lead at Bridgend College and my remit is to enhance the delivery of the curriculum with emerging technologies and drive innovation across the curriculum; not just in IT o...

In Digital, Apr 16, 2020

New Publication

Linear stability eigenmodal analysis for steady and temporally periodic boundary-layer flow configurations using a velocity-vorticity formulation

In Research, Mar 01, 2020

Why Bridgend College? #LoveOurColleges

If anyone had said to me at 17 that I would be working for Bridgend College in 10 years time I wouldn’t have believed them. Attending the College as a student was never really an opti...

In Digital, Oct 17, 2019

New Publication

MyCompanion: A Digital Social Companion for Assisted Living

In Research, Sep 01, 2019

You will Survive! [A PhD]

It’s done! Finished! The PhD is over… I still can’t quite believe I’m able to say that. So to anyone reading this, whether you’re thinking about a PhD, just starting out or nearing th...

In Research, Aug 16, 2019